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Julia and James Henderson, Owners of The Old Mill Firewood Supply, and their children You’ll want to purchase your wood from a company that doesn’t just cut the wood – they need to sort it, too. “You’ll get the best chance for a good fire if the rotten wood is removed.” Standard firewood length is 16 inches. When you preorder your wood, you can select custom sizes to meet your stove or other needs. Keep it local “We purchase our wood from local logging companies or from small, family-run operations,” says James. “That way, we can be sure we are delivering the best quality wood available.” As one of the few insured firewood supply companies, The Old Mill Firewood Supply can also provide mobile processing, bin rentals, and debris clean-up after storms or in the spring. “We want to provide our customers with the best experience possible – no hissing or steaming!” says James. “Quality is key.” PREMIUM FIREWOOD MOBILE WOOD PROCESSING SPRING AND STORM CLEAN UP BIN RENTALS 1150 Taylor Rd., Bracebridge 705-706-4622