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R E T R AC TA B L E S C R E E N S A N D B L I N D S • M OTO R I Z E D / M A N U A L • N E W C O N S T R U C T I O N A N D R E T R O F I T A SPACE TRANSFORMED MUSKOKA SCREENS works with local manufacturer to bring indoor-outdoor space to life Builders and designers in Muskoka don’t need to be told about the advan- tages of motorized screens and blinds. The decision isn’t whether to install them, it’s which system to install. “Cottagers are demanding flexible spaces and ease-of-use. They want to bring the outdoors in,” says Tom Croden, owner of Muskoka Screens. “On a certain level of cottage, motorized screens and blinds are simply expected.” They’re also a popular retrofit, turning porch- es and boat ports into insect-free spaces. Tom has been selling and installing re- tractable screens for more than a dozen years, and works closely with contrac- tors on design and installation. He uses Concord Shading Systems for many of his power screen and blind projects. “They’re locally made – their plant is in Concord – and everything they do is custom,” he explains. “They’re the best on the market, and yet their pricing is competitive.” The motorized systems use Somfy motors and controllers, a brand that’s well-known in the industry for reliability and quiet performance. He is also impressed with Concord’s unique zipper system, which retains the screens securely along the sides to keep insects out. The motorized screens are available in a range of options, including a privacy mesh that’s very popular on boathouses and other near-shore spaces. Concord Shading Systems also makes superb blinds – both manual and motorized – for shade, privacy or solar protection. Muskoka Screens also sells Phantom products. Their new Legacy door screen features a new latch and release system: no more magnets. It is second to none and simply the best retractable door screen on the market. “The goal is simple: to give my clients the best possible product and price.” Tom Croden, Owner of Muskoka Screens 20 Johnston Street, Port Carling 705.641.9516 MUSKOKA 2015 34